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Flip Book

Flip Book

Flip Book

  HIGHLIGHTS Things You Should Know  
  DraftSight No-Cost Learning Resources: Click here, register and get access to the following no-cost, valuable DraftSight learning resources:

DraftSight Getting Started Guide: Over 180 pages on how to use DraftSight – for beginners and experienced users alike.

Tips and Tricks Online Flipbooks: Volumes I and II – help increase your productivity with DraftSight.

DraftSight Fundamentals Flipbook: The essentials of DraftSight and the foundation you need to use DraftSight
effectively and efficiently.

Are you one of the thousands of DraftSight users that also use SolidWorks? If so, we'd like to invite you to get more from SolidWorks. Visit My.SolidWorks.com and find the answers you need from the entire SolidWorks Community and Support resources. My.SolidWorks.com:
  • Lets you search for a topic and see immediate results
  • Eliminates the need to access multiple sites and log ins
  • Lets you connect, discover, and share everything SolidWorks
  • Helps you create better designs, faster
Go to My.SolidWorks.com today.

If you design amazing products but you're not using SolidWorks, it's time to see what you're missing out on. Take your designs to the next level with SolidWorks 2014. With easy to use design tools, simplified workflows, increased performance, and enhanced visualization for every aspect of your design process. Watch the Videos and see what SolidWorks 3D can do to transform your product development process.

SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2014: Register by October 25th and Save. Join us January 26-29, 2014 for SolidWorks World in San Diego, California to explore the latest in 3D design and technology, network with SolidWorks users, partners and employees and learn the best of SolidWorks – and DraftSight – with over 200 technical breakout sessions available. Register Now!

  The LYONS' ShareTM Learning Resources For DraftSight Users  
video The Lyons' Share Video Tip – Batch Print: Do you have multiple sheets in one file? Would you like to print them all at once? With DraftSight, this is very simple. Check out this video to learn how to print any or all drawings that are in a specific file.

  Quick Tip – While working in DraftSight if you want to maximize your Graphic area, try using the FullScreen command. This will remove everything from the screen except the main menu, the graphic area and the command window. To restore, use the HideFullScreen command.

Check out the DraftSight Resource Center for lots more tips, tricks, and videos!
  SUPPORT AND SERVICES Take DraftSight To The Next Level  
  Discover the difference between the free* version of DraftSight and the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight that can help companies and educators reduce software compliance issues and deployment challenges, as well as enhance customization and integration.

Features Free Version of DraftSight Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight
(Minimum 5 licenses
required for purchase)
Access to online community support and an abundance of learning resources.
Compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux.
(Windows only)
A Free DraftSight "Getting Started Guide".
An annual product upgrade.
Telephone and email support during your entitlement period.
A network license to help deploy 2D CAD across the entire organization, helping to reduce headaches related to license management and versioning data incompatibility.
A deployment wizard that can help enable large groups of users to install or upgrade DraftSight.
Product upgrades, new releases and service packs that become available during your entitlement period.
Toolbox for DraftSight: A standards-based mechanical symbol library and annotation add-on.
Design Library: This add-on utilizes a tab in DraftSight's task pane to provide a central location for user-defined reusable elements, such as blocks.
Drawing Compare: This add-on can be used to graphically compare entities between two drawing documents.
DraftSight API's (application programming interface) and API updates: APIs can help you customize and automate DraftSight. Companies that have automated, customized or integrated their current DWG-based CAD system through LISP or other macros should find significant value in these APIs.
A comprehensive curriculum (for educators only).
*Standalone license. Activation required.

Join us for a webinar: from a DraftSight technical rep entitled, "Optimize DraftSight Performance" — we'll focus on factors causing slow performance in DraftSight, trouble-shooting methods, tips to improve drawing performance and more.
Date and Time: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 – from 12PM to 1PM IST
Register today!

  BUSINESS INNOVATIONS Helping you stay ahead of the competition  
CATIA 3D Master: Improve cost and quality throughout the development process. Download our webinar to learn more about how CATIA 3D Master solutions can greatly reduce errors,
time-to-market and product development costs while increasing quality and efficiency. Register to download the webinar now.

Industrial Equipment: Provide machines tailored to your customer's needs. Thanks to the Configure-To-Order approach and integrated sales and technical configurators, companies can:

  • Offer more products while decreasing the number of parts
  • Slash quotation cycle time and eBOM set up time
  • Be first-to-market with new products
  • Configure early using customer plant layout specifications
  • Deliver complete and tailored documentation for lines and machines
To learn more, register and read our white paper: Simple Solution Selection – Fast and Safe Solution Optimization.

Discover the benefits of DELMIA Robotics Arc Welding:
  • Greater productivity for programmers
  • Fast robot program updates when the product design changes
  • Weld quality assurance
Click here to learn more.

View the SIMULIA Abaqus 6.13 Webinar and learn how you can improve your simulation productivity, efficiency and performance-based decision making. See the webinar now.
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