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  HIGHLIGHTS Things You Should Know  
  Do you need a design tool that can easily transition your product from design to manufacturing? SolidWorks’ 3D CAD solutions seamlessly integrate your 2D drawings into 3D models, provide geometry checks for plastic parts, cast parts, and sheet metal parts, and can help streamline your manufacturing process. Register and download the whitepaper “Executing Effectively from Design to Manufacturing” to find out more about SolidWorks’ automated cost estimation and design for manufacturability tools.

SolidWorks World 2014 – Get 3 full conference passes for the price of 2 when you register three people from your company at the same time – A savings of more than $1,000. Don’t miss your chance to attend informative technical sessions on DraftSight and SolidWorks and interact with exhibitors, peers and employees at SolidWorks World 2014 in San Diego, CA, January 26-29, 2014. Learn more or Register now.
  The LYONS' ShareTM Learning Resources For DraftSight Users  
video Video Tip — Use the SmartDimension Command to create Linear, Aligned, Radial, Diametrical, Arc Length and Angular Dimensions. Use SmartDimension to detail your geometry without having to leave the Dimension tool. Watch this video to learn more.

  Quick Tip — To match the Layer of entities to a destination Layer:
  1. Click Format > Layer Tools > Change Entity's Layer (or type MatchLayer).
  2. In the graphics area select:
  • Entities whose Layer you want to change and press Enter.
  • An entity on the destination Layer or specify the Layer Name option and select a Layer in the Choose New Layer dialog box.
  SUPPORT AND SERVICES Take DraftSight To The Next Level  
  Take your experience with DraftSight to the next level. Consider the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight that provides unique enhancements to the free version of DraftSight V1R4.0 for Windows and helps companies reduce software compliance issues and deployment challenges, as well as enhances customization and integration.

Discover the top 7 reasons why your company needs the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight.

Get your questions answered about the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight.

Request a quote for the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight.

  BUSINESS INNOVATIONS Helping you stay ahead of the competition  
Industrial Equipment Industry: Experience digital continuity to boost your competitiveness and streamline your business. Watch this video and discover how production digitization is an opportunity for OEMs to connect with customer expectations.

Product Lifecycle Management Made Easy: Our colleagues at SolidWorks invite you to register and download the whitepaper "Product Lifecycle Management Made Easy" that presents a three-step approach to PLM that will help you securely and simply manage your most important intellectual asset: your product designs. Register and download now!

Oil & Gas Industry Webinar: Achieving the Best Design in Less Time with SIMULIA Isight. The unique characteristics of each oil well or gas field often require custom-tailored products and solutions. Physical testing of each product design is expensive, time-consuming and sometimes physically impossible. With SIMULIA Isight you can integrate design and simulation models into a simulation process flow to automate the execution of hundreds or even thousands of simulations. You‘ll learn how to use powerful statistical methods such as Design of Experiments or Design for Six Sigma to explore and improve performance for size, weight, strength, cost and more. Register Now.

Simulation: See our 8 Minute Demo - "How to Accelerate Design Analysis." Learn how design integrated simulation reduces time and costs in launching innovative products to market. Register and watch the demo now.

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