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  HIGHLIGHTS Things You Should Know  
  The Professional Pack Offering for DraftSight – for small and medium size companies that need an affordable, professional-grade CAD product with powerful, time-saving functionalities. DraftSight Professional includes industry standard content that can be added to a document with ease and batch printing to print multiple files without opening them. Companies that have a need to customize their CAD system using LISP will find significant value in DraftSight Professional. Learn more today.

No-Cost Learning Resources available for you. Get your Tips and Tricks ebooks, Getting Started Guide and more. Register and download them today and start increasing your productivity with DraftSight.

Attention Linux users – The number one requested enhancement to DraftSight on Linux was for compatibility with 64-bit computers. As a result, beginning with the next release (estimated for October), the Linux version will support 64-bit computers. To accommodate this request we will no longer provide support for 32-bit computers. Please plan accordingly - because Linux is in Beta, the version that you are using will expire, meaning you will no longer be able to run DraftSight on 32-bit machines. THIS WILL HAPPEN ONLY AT OUR NEXT RELEASE, ESTIMATED FOR OCTOBER.

Using 2D tools to create designs can be easy, but using them to analyze assembly designs can be time-consuming and challenging. With static 2D design tools, it's almost impossible to determine proper hole alignment and find interferences between components. Watch this 22-minute webinar at your leisure to learn how SOLIDWORKS 3D design tools can make your job easier. Watch Now.

  The LYONS' ShareTM Learning Resources For DraftSight Users  
  Learn by doing: DraftSight Project-Based Webinar: Follow along with Mark Lyons, DraftSight Training Specialist, in this interactive webinar where you will create detailed drawings and assembly drawings with seed files provided to you. View the webinar recording.

Did you know one of DraftSight’s recent enhancements included expanding the EditRichLine functionality, a command used to modify RichLines? You can edit intersecting and adjoining RichLines, break and weld RichLines, and add or delete vertices to or from existing RichLines.

DraftSight Professional’s Batch Print function – use this function to print multiple documents all at once. You can navigate to individual files, or even print all files from a specific folder without having to open the files! Learn more about DraftSight Professional for Windows now or watch the video.

  SUPPORT AND SERVICES Take DraftSight To The Next Level  
  Do you work for a big company with many CAD users or multiple sites in which there exists one or more of the following challenges?:
  • Frustration with the high cost of 2D CAD licenses and upgrades.
  • Concerns about 2D compliance.
  • Little or no value from your 2D CAD investments?
  • The need for reliable DWG compatibility for legacy and/or current projects?
  • The need for an easy-to-deploy and manage network license?

If the answer is yes, consider the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight – for large organizations with many users or multiple sites that need a professional-grade CAD product with technical support, and a network license to enable concurrent usage and help manage mission critical CAD requirements and compliance across the organization. DraftSight Enterprise resolves DWG file compatibility issues at a fraction of the cost and with its API’s, organizations can quickly create applications to customize their experience. Find an answer to these challenges – request a quote for DraftSight Enterprise today.
  BUSINESS INNOVATIONS Helping you stay ahead of the competition  
  Industrial equipment companies are entering the 4th Industrial Revolution and are challenged to deliver smarter and more reliable machines. Now there is a solution that can accelerate development and boost the reliability and performance of products – helping OEMs coordinate the complex interactions between all engineering disciplines. With its component-based design, the Smart and Synchronized Industry Solution Experience enables designers to capitalize on their knowledge and share innovative ideas together. Discover it now.

HOME.BY.ME: Discover 3DVIA’s free online space planning service to make better home-related decisions. Start with a user-contributed model or draw your own 2D floor plans and find the best 3D design optimization. Generate realistic HD renderings of your projects and share them with family, friends or experts. Visit Home.By.Me to begin your own experience.

You’re invited to the ENOVIA Community Conference 2014: Innovation increasingly means global teams collaborating with global information in a social context – with clarity, confidence and consistency. ENOVIA enables your innovators to benefit from the rewards of collaboration. Easy to acquire, quick to learn and effortless to master, ENOVIA is reliable and robust enough to manage even the most sensitive and mission-critical data. Register now for the conference and get connected, inspired and armed with all the latest information, together with ENOVIA.

DELMIA – Digital Manufacturing and Production: Download our NEWEST whitepaper, DELMIA Operations Intelligence for Complex Processes and Systems for Composites, to learn how to take advantage of prior experience for your next manufacturing project.

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