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  HIGHLIGHTS Things You Should Know  
  DraftSight release — We're happy to tell you about a new version of DraftSight – V1R5.0. In this version we've added some great new user-requested features — including Search in Options. We heard your requests and hope you'll enjoy V1R5.0. Download now — see the release notes.

New Flipbook: The Fundamentals of DraftSight Volume 2. Discover new tips, tricks and videos related to Drawing Setup, System Options, and Print Configurations. Access Now.

Ease the transition to 3D – Convert your 2D drawings into 3D CAD
models with intuitive, innovative tools. Register and see SolidWorks
tools in action.

Discover 3D ContentCentral: Free 2D and 3D models of user-contributed and supplier-certified parts and assemblies, 2D blocks, library features, macros, and more. Watch the video or visit My.SolidWorks.com where you can use the search feature to find 3D ContentCentral models.
  The LYONS' ShareTM Learning Resources For DraftSight Users  
  Lyons' Share Webinar: Discover DraftSight V1R5.0. Join Mark Lyons as he presents the new features in V1R5.0 for free, Enterprise and Professional users, including Search in Options, Quick Group, Batch Printing, and more. Date: Thursday, Feb. 6 at 11:00 a.m. EST. Register now.

Check out these videos that help you get the full advantage and understanding of some of DraftSight’s features:

The Lyons' Share PolyLine Command: Are you sick of straight lines? The PolyLine is a drawing entity that consists of connected lines or connected arc segments, allowing you to create polylines with segments of different widths and fill settings.

The Lyons' Share Trapezoid Command: A trapezoid is a four sided figure with one pair of parallel sides. Use the Trapezoid command to draw a 2D conical entity.

DraftSight Command Prompt Tutorial: In DraftSight, you can type in any command you want. Learn about the options available to easily modify your creations.

DraftSight and 3D Content Central: By using 3D Content Central, you can download virtually anything you need for your design layout. Most models contained within 3D Content Central are also available to download as 2D .dwg files.

Using the Mouse Gesture Tutorial: Learn how to use a simple mouse gesture as a shortcut to execute a command.

  SUPPORT AND SERVICES Take DraftSight To The Next Level  
  Take your experience with DraftSight to the next level.
Want to be the CAD hero in your company? Get the tools you need to understand the value of The Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight (formerly the Premium Pack) and share it with your boss.

The kit includes:
  • 7 Benefits of The Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • A Success Story
  • An Email to Send Your Boss
Request a Quote for DraftSight Enterprise Now.
  BUSINESS INNOVATIONS Helping you stay ahead of the competition  
Industrial Equipment: The rules of the game have changed. Check out the 4th industrial revolution. Surviving and thriving in this highly competitive business environment is a real challenge and requires innovative thinking and ways of working. Register and download the IDC Manufacturing Insights whitepaper loaded with tips to help your business grow today
and tomorrow.

CATIA 3D Master: Improve cost and quality throughout the development process. Download our webinar to learn more about how CATIA 3D Master solutions can greatly reduce errors, time-to-market and product development costs while increasing quality and efficiency. Register to download the webinar now.

magazine Simulia: Register and download SIMULIA Community News magazine to discover how leading companies are achieving their quest for the best! Read this 24-page issue and learn how:
Dana: Accelerates Product Design with Simulation Lifecycle Management
Georg Fisher: Uses Design Optimization to Improve Fuel Efficiency
Voith: Improves Performance of Automatic Transmissions
Achieve your quest for the best with Realistic Simulation and Design Optimization. Download SCN Magazine today.

DELMIA: The implementation of a complex process and assembly of a complex system requires full control of many competing action levers all vying for attention. DELMIA Operations Intelligence is the first software offering that provides an approach towards formalizing and capitalizing on expertise and prior experience to address these challenges. Register and download our whitepaper today to learn more: Operations Intelligence for Complex Processes and Systems.

AEC: Getting Started with DraftSight — A Guide for AEC Users — a valuable tool for any DraftSight user in the AEC industry. Register and download your guide today.

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