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  Learning Resources for DraftSight Users
Brought to you by Mark Lyons – DraftSight’s training expert
  Webinar: Discover the DraftSight Toolbox – only in the NEW Professional Pack Offering for DraftSight.

Register for the Encore of the Webinar: "The Nuts and Bolts of the DraftSight Toolbox", and learn about the abundance of available functionality – add standard hardware and automatically generate hole charts, a bill of materials, welding symbols, and more. Learn about Toolbox in the latest edition of the Lyons’ Share webinar series. Register Now.

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  Discover why companies are investing in the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight – with support and services.

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Webinar: Back by popular demand – Automation Tools in DraftSight. We’ll discuss two automation tools - Script and Macros that provide an easy way to automate a process within DraftSight - saving time and effort and increasing efficiency. Users can run a combination of commands together that are used frequently and speed up the drawing ability. They can also create geometry, plot drawings, update geometry, and more. We will demonstrate the process to develop command macros and script files for DraftSight. Register Now.

  BUSINESS INNOVATIONS Helping you stay ahead of the competition  
  With DraftSight, you can quickly create simple sketches or drawings to meet many of your design needs. Although DraftSight tools can get the job done, you can watch the video to see how you can benefit from using 3D - start learning how SOLIDWORKS can help shorten your part design cycles, simplify tasks, and easily communicate your ideas. Watch now.
Industrial Equipment: The 4th Industrial Revolution has begun. The way goods are produced has changed drastically, as well as the goods being produced, and customers want products tailored to their needs - but it can’t be at the cost of the OEMs’ margin. Modularity is a solution for companies that want to ensure that their product assortment meets customer requirements without inflating the number of managed parts. By reorganizing and rethinking the way products are developed and using common and interchangeable modules with predefined variants, modularity can pave the way for more innovation and timely delivery.

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Discover the Robot Whisperers – they can help train your robot workcells to gain efficiencies and increase productivity.
Reduce Creation of Duplicate Parts – Increase Engineering Capacity. For any new product design, engineers currently face two undesirable choices: waste valuable time manually trying to find a suitable part, or give up and create a new part. According to The Aberdeen Group, the annual carrying costs of introducing a new part number range between $4,500 and $23,000 per item, making duplicate part proliferation a known source of cost exposure. Thanks to EXALEAD OnePart, you can easily find and reuse existing parts, 2D/3D designs and related documentation. Watch how in our interactive video and calculate your potential savings!
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